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Welcome To Shikata Education

Shikata Educational Consultancy is established with a vision to help and support our students to make the right decision on their career path. We have a very passionate and well experienced professionals who have been working in the field of Education and Migration for a long time. Studying abroad and working there is one of the most popular choices among people nowadays. But before going to the new place, it is important to know about country and we are here to groom our students, so that they can fit in to the new country and society, Knowing their native language and socio-culture. Application and enrollment can be a very time consuming and organizing documents can be very nerve-racking. Therefore, our motive is to give our student/client an easy and stress free visa assistance for student as well as working professionals.

Why Choose us?

Experienced Team

Shikata has been in the field of foreign education and migration since a long period of time. Yet it’s just been around 2 years we have been established, but we have been the institute for Japanese language, assistance and documenting agent for various firms. Our highly experienced set of team will help you to achieve your foreign education & settlement dreams. We also assist over post visa and further.

Highly qualified instructors

Language being the most important aspect of Japan, knowing their language and culture is significant. Teaching any foreign language in a way that student can understand and imply is a great art. Thus our highly qualified teachers are always eager to help our student 24/7. Our teachers have studied in Japan and had a close encounter with the Japanese culture and language who are always keen to impart their knowledge to the students for better learning and exposure.

Expert documentation

Documentation for Japan requires translation for every document held by the candidate in to the Japanese language. Application form should be written in Japanese in adequate method, which is taken care by our Japanese native speakers\ professional translators to convey authentic and indisputable transcription of the information provided. We also support students with further documentation assessment required for Japan study, work and settlement.

Easy to reach

We are located in the prime location of Kalanki, where you have easy access from any part of the Kathmandu valley. We are located near the entrance of the valley, which can also be ease for student “willing to study and apply for Japan” residing in the outskirts of the valley and neighboring districts from Kathmandu.

Study Abroad

Language Class




Knowledge of right decision making is key to a successful future, therefore we have highly experienced counselors who will help you to make a right choice “whether to go for education or work” according to the educational and financial background. Our team will be there supporting you in the entire processing.

Institution selection

We are connected to many language schools and vocational schools all over Japan. Students can select institutions of their choice or they can ask our counsellors. We can guide you to choose institution according to your requirements i.e.: location, educational background, financial potentialities etc. We also have many employers seeking candidates for SSW. We can ensure your enrollment in one of the best institution in Japan in various sectors.

Language & Test preparation

We ensure to provide proper information and adequate knowledge about the Japanese language and various aspects of culture of japan. Adequate reading materials and handouts are available for every student for proper learning and understanding. Preparation for language proficiency test like NAT, JLPT, JFT, J-CERT, JLCT are highly prioritized to ensure effective valuation of the students capacity and competency.

Socio-cultural exposure and re-creation activities

We also ensure our students physical, mental and social health to be sound. Therefore, recreational activities like hiking, picnic are held periodically. Students get to know fellow students and bond with them in these kind of social gathering. We also tend to organize lunch or dinner programs in Japanese restaurants so that students get exposure on Japanese food culture. Many delegates from japan also pay visit and provide first-hand information on Japanese culture and society.

Visa & Travel Assistance

We assist our every student with pre-visa and post-visa processing. Application submission, documentation, translation, and arrangement of interviews with the host Schools etc. we also provide training and practical assistance to face the interviews. After the selection of the students we have complete assistance until the visa is granted. Even we assist with the ticketing and other documentation if requested.

Our Expert Team

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Rajesh Maharjan

Japan Representative

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Nishan Thapa

Japan Representative

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